71: The Story of Samantha Walsh (NL)

Episode 071 – It’s been a long time coming, but this is our first episode taking place entirely in Newfoundland. On the night of February 6, 2000 nearly the entire population of the tiny town of Fleur de Lys was out looking for 13-year-old Samantha Walsh. She’d gone missing on a three minute walk between her grandmother’s house and her own home in weather that was -25 °C. As the weeks wore on with no verified signs of Samantha suspicions fell on a local 16-year-old boy dividing the small community. Many did not believe that one of their own could hurt a child.

Guest co-host: Carol Browne

Into the Night: The Story of Samantha Walsh by Gordon Walsh
Saltwater Joys as sung by 10-year-old Samantha Walsh
Article about Fleur De Lys
newfoundlandandlabrardor.com – Iceberg Viewing
The Story of Samantha Walsh – Telegram Article
Globe and Mail Article – Murder charge devastates remote hamlet

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