72: The Klaus Family Murders (AB)

Episode 072 – On a freezing December morning the Castor Volunteer Fire Department braved the icy Alberta roads to attend a structure fire at a farm a few kilometers outside town. When the firefighters arrived there were red flags evident immediately.

The family dog lay dead in the driveway from an apparent gunshot wound, two 9mm casings were nearby as was a partially full gas can which lay only meters away from the front door of the home, now almost burned to the ground. Three people, Sandra and Gordon Klaus, and their adult daughter Monica, had been at home at the time of the unsurvivable inferno. The only member of the immediate family left alive was the couple’s eldest son and Monica’s brother, Jason, who lived in a trailer nearby.

Who could have committed horrific acts and why? As the investigation unfolded a bizarre coverup story emerged consisting of communication with the spirits of the deceased.

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After the Fire: Murder, Lies and a Missing Deer Head
Klaus Family Obituary
Jason Klaus Police Interview
Joshua Frank Confession

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