103 – The Mystery of The Mad Trapper of Rat River (NT)

Episode 103 – In this episode we’re heading to the Inuvik area of the Northwest Territories, near Fort McPherson. Along the Rat River in the summer of 1931 a stranger was first seen by two indigenous men canoeing on the river. He was a stranger who, save for a short visit to town for supplies, kept to himself. The man was later accused of interfering with the traps of other hunters and trapping without a license. When RCMP went to investigate hell broke loose, culminating in attempted murder of one RCMP constable and the murder of another at the hands of the man. The man, known by the alias Albert Johnson, lead RCMP on a six week chase across the frozen tundra before he was taken down. His true identity remains a mystery.

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002 – Abbotsford Killer – Part 1 – Cat & Mouse

Finally! After a few extra days of technical frustration here’s Episode 002 of Dark Poutine. In this episode, part one of two, Mike and Scott talk about the hunt for the infamous Abbotsford Killer after the rape and murder of 16 year old Tanya Smith and horrific, near fatal beating of her best friend Misty Cockerill on Friday, October 13, 1995 in AbbotsFord, Britsh Columbia.

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