159 – AWAY GAME: Cult of Revolution: The Posse

Episode 159: In the early 1980s near the small town of Rulo, Nebraska a white-supremacist cult leader named Michael Wayne Ryan and his band of followers took over a local farm essentially stealing it from the property owner. They burglarized nearby businesses and residences to fund their survival after the upcoming battle of Armageddon prophesied in the Books of Revelations.

Ryan, a proponent the Christian Identity movement’s doctrines with links to an anti-government group called Posse Comitatus spewed antisemitic views, the supremacy of the white race and planned to take down the government. In 1982 Ryan was arrested for the torture and murder of, Luke Stice, the 5-year-old son of the property’s former owner and the torture killing of one of his followers, 27-year-old, James Thimm.

Co-host: Carol Browne

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133 – AWAY GAME: Stranger Danger – Westley Allan Dodd

Episode 133 – Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, serial pedophile Westley Allan Dodd molested dozens of children in the Pacific Northwest. Although caught for his crimes more than once Dodd never did any real prison time. Feeling invincible, Westley’s fantasies became more violent and depraved until the fall of 1989 when he crossed the line between child predator to multiple murder. On Labour Day weekend in Vancouver, WA. park Westley murdered two brothers, 11- and 10-year-old Cole and William Neer and nonchalantly walked out of the park undetected. Not satisfied with a single victim, Westley craved another kill and on October 29, 1989, he murdered 4-year-old Lee Iseli after kidnapping him from a Portland OR. playground. The Vancouver Child Killer’s ultimate undoing was his still unchecked desire for yet another victim.

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