Episode 309: In Mike’s first book, Murder, Madness and Mayhem, he wrote about an unknown man whose body was found on Somerton Park beach near Adelaide, Australia, by two trainee jockeys who’d been out with their horses on the morning of December 1, 1948. Lying in peaceful repose, the man wore a suit, overdressed for the warm Australian summer, and had no wallet or identification. He was unknown to anyone locally. The labels of his clothing had been ripped out. 

Some enigmatic leads proved fruitless, including the discovery of a book, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, believed to have belonged to the stranger. In that book, what appeared to be coded writing was found. Experts have yet to decrypt the supposed message. Some believe the man was a spy, possibly murdered for what he knew.

Called by many Somerton Man, the stranger’s identity has remained unknown for decades until recently, when two separate groups came forward claiming they had information about who he was, leading to further speculation and even more questions.


Murder Madness and Mayhem by Mike Browne

The Unknown Man by Gerald Feltus

Archived Newspaper Articles | Trove

Final Report/Thesis 2015 – Derek Abbott

Code Cracking: Who Murdered the Somerton Man | Prof. Derek Abbott

How to Solve Ciphers

Cryptography Hints

2602UMSAU — The Doe Network

‘Truth to come out’: Fresh claims emerge on Somerton Man

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Episode 308: Kimberly Lynn Hallgarth was the 33-year-old mother of one and involved with former CFL football player Joshua Joseph Boden when. she was found brutally murdered at her residence in Burnaby, British Columbia, in March 2009. Her death was covered extensively in the media due to its connection with Boden, who had a long history of legal entanglements and was the main suspect in her killing. After years of awaiting a resolution, Kimberly’s family finally got a whiff of justice, when in 2018, Boden was charged with her murder. There had been a witness to the crime, and she was willing to testify.


Kimberly Hallgarth (1975-2009)

CSO – Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name

Josh Boden | Global News, Videos & Articles

2011 BCPC 366 (CanLII) | R. v. Boden | CanLII

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St Vincent and the Grenadines — Government

Murder of young mom still ‘unfathomable’

Woman found dead in Burnaby worked as escort

Police ID woman found dead in Burnaby home | CBC News

Former BC Lion Josh Boden handed 14-year minimum sentence for ex-girlfriend’s murder

The Province 14 Jan 2024, page A3

Ex-girlfriend to testify via CCTV against former BC Lion accused in Burnaby murder

Former BC Lion Joshua Boden found guilty of second-degree murder

Josh Boden trial: Key Crown witness breaks down in tears during cross-examination

Witness testifies about football player’s alleged deadly attack on former girlfriend

Former B.C. Lion Josh Boden’s murder of ex-girlfriend was ‘horrific and brutal’

Former BC Lions player killed ex-girlfriend in Burnaby for ruining football career: Crown

Court upholds murder conviction for ex-B.C. Lion Joshua Boden | SportseNet

Court dismisses appeal of former B.C. Lions player convicted of ex-girlfriend’s murder

Josh Boden football Statistics on StatsCrew.com

Joshua (Josh) Joseph Boden | Wikipedia

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Episode 307: On Friday, July 10th, 1970, around 7 a.m., near Ludlow, Maine, 45 kilometres from the border with Canada, the crew aboard a northbound Bangor & Aroostook Railway train noticed something lying on the tracks ahead. They thought at first it might be trash but reacted quickly regardless. Despite the immediate application of the brakes, the locomotive, towing 19 heavy boxcars, could not stop in time to avoid a collision. The objects on the tracks were sleeping bags containing three young males. All appeared to be in their teens or early twenties. The bodies were found without official identification, and among them, they carried just over 5 dollars in Canadian cash. After a very brief investigation, the Aroostook County Sheriff, Darrell Crandall, said he considered the deaths either accidental or a group suicide pact.

The young men were soon identified as Kenny Novak (fifteen) and David Burrows (seventeen), both from Sydney River and Terry Burt (twenty) of Whitney Pier, in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was discovered that they had hitchhiked to the location, but they were a long way from home. Their families initially had no idea why they would cross the border. There were no indications that any of the three were suicidal. Why were they there? If their deaths were accidental, how had they not heard the train approaching? And why would they have chosen to sleep on the train tracks?

Information soon came to light that there may have been a darker reason for their journey, leading to speculation that the three might have been murdered and placed on the tracks to make their deaths appear accidental.

Their families and friends are still looking for answers.


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QUEST FOR JUSTICE: The Cape Breton 3 (Interview with Lorne Novak)

Cape Breton Three: The Boys on the Tracks — Murder, She Told: Maine & New England True Crime

The Three Cape Breton Boys on the Tracks — Nighttime Podcast

S1 E2 The Cape Breton Boys on the Track — Locating the Lost

Federal Railroad Administration

Rail-HwyGXing_Accidents– DEC. 31, 1972

The Mysterious Deaths of Don Henry & Kevin Ives – Unsolved Mysteries

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS: the 1970 deaths of 3 Cape Breton Youth in Maine | Facebook

Aroostook County Murder Mystery | Facebook

Ingonish Beach and Freshwater Lake – Cape Breton Highlands National Park | Tourism Nova Scotia, Canada

Petition to Re-Open the Investigation — Change.org

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Episode 306: This week, we discuss the shooting death of American Mark Harshbarger during a 2006 hunting trip to Newfoundland. The Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, man was shot by his wife, Mary Beth Harshbarger, who claims she thought he was a black bear. In 2010, Harshbarger was extradited to Newfoundland, where she stood trial for criminal negligence causing death. The prosecution cited insurance money as Mary Beth’s motive for the killing. After two weeks of hearings in September, the presiding judge found her not guilty. 

The shooting death of Mark Harshbarger has been a source of controversy since it occurred. Some people believe that Mary Beth Harshbarger was guilty of first-degree murder, while others believe that she was justified in shooting her husband because she thought he was a bear.

It is important to remember that this topic is very sensitive for many people. The family and friends of Mark Harshbarger are still grieving his death, and Mary Beth Harshbarger has gone through a great deal. Mark’s children have lost their father. We aim to be respectful of all parties involved when discussing this case.


Hunting | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Fur Trade in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Town of Buchans Newfoundland & Labrador

Guide describes fatal shot in U.S. hunter’s trial | CBC News

Official Newfoundland Hunter Safety Course | HunterCourse.com

Inside The Harshbarger Family Case | CBC — True Crime Canada

Public Advisory: 2023-24 Hunting and Trapping Guide Available Online – News Releases

Regulation Summaries – 2022-23 Hunting and Trapping Guide

Mark Harshbarger (1963-2006) | Find-a-Grave

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Another Fine Day Afield | Outdoor Canada

Extradition looms for hunter who shot husband | Outdoor Canada

Harshbarger’s father speaks out about widow’s upcoming shooting trial – News – The Times-Tribune

Judge throws out PFA order that had been lodged against Mary Beth Harshbarger – News – Daily Review

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Episode 305: Joseph LaPage, a French-Canadian rapist and necrophile known as the French Monster, was tried and hung in 1878 for the brutal, sexually motivated murder of Josie A. Langmaid, 17, in Pembroke, New Hampshire, in 1875. LaPage was also the sole suspect in the 1874 murder of Marietta N. Ball, a girl from St. Albans, Vermont. He was arrested for that crime; however, insufficient evidence prevented a trial, but the night before his execution, LaPage confessed to Marietta’s murder. Only weeks after LaPage was hanged, two more murders perpetrated in 1867, that of Mrs. George Fountie and her 16-year-old daughter, Minnie, from Saint-Alexandre, Quebec, were also tied to LaPage. It is believed that Joseph LaPage, with a long history of violent behaviour, is one of Canada’s earliest misogynistic serial killers, predating even Jack the Ripper.


1878: Joseph LaPage, murderer of Josie Langmaid

Joseph LaPage | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Josie Langmaid-“The Murdered Maiden Student”

The Trial of Joseph LaPage | CURIOSity Digital Collections

The East Hill Murder (Marietta Ball, Part 1)

The Suncook Town Tragedy (Marietta Ball, Part 2)

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Marietta N Ball (1854-1874)

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Josie Langmaid Monument

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Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder


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Episode 304: On the morning of July 11, 1996, police were called to the parking lot of a hotel under construction off Interstate 40 at 7471 Crosswood Boulevard in Knoxville, Tennesee. There, they found the body of a man, later identified as Robert Dennis Blair Adams, 31, a Canadian citizen from Surrey, B.C. Family and friends called him Blair. Scattered around his body were personal items belonging to Blair and almost $4000 in various currencies, including Canadian, American, and German money. A black fanny pack near Blair’s body was found to be filled with nearly 5 ounces of gold bars, as well as gold and platinum coins and jewelry. It was later determined that Blair had been beaten and left to die in the parking lot where he was discovered.

It is unclear why Blair was in Tennessee, thousands of kilometres from home and in another country. His family later said Blair had been acting strangely and was suffering from insomnia. He told them he believed people were after him and wanted him dead. He had quit his job, emptied his bank account and safety deposit box and left home for good only two days before his body’s discovery. As Blair’s significant amount of cash and valuables lay untouched, the motive for his murder remains a mystery, as does the identity of his killer or killers.


Half-nude with fanny pack of gold, Canadian’s killing a Knox County mystery decades later

Septemmber 11, 2017 | Knoxville News Sentinel | Wayback Machine

Investigations – Cold Case – Homicides – Knox County Sheriff Website

Investigations – Cold Case – Homicide – Robert Dennis Blair Adams – Knox County Sheriff Website

Who killed a Canadian in Knox County but left his gold untouched?

Blair Adams – Unsolved Mysteries

Robert Dennis Blair Adams (1964-1996) – Find a…

From the UnresolvedMysteries community on Reddit: The Mysterious Death of Blair Adams

The Murder Of Blair Adams — And Why It Remains Unsolved Today

CRIME HUNTER: Death far from home

Appalachian Unsolved: Cross-country trip ends in Canadian’s mysterious death in Knoxville

Unexplained: The Story Of Blair Adam’s Bizzarre Death

Robert Dennis Blair Adams | Fact# 16244 | FactRepublic.com


Robert Dennis Blair Adams (1964-1996) – Find a Grave Memorial

Blair Adams: A Bizarre Unsolved Mystery – Historic Mysteries

From the UnresolvedMysteries community on Reddit: I think I might be able to explain the Blair Adams case with personal experiences

The Continuum of Addiction and the Addictive Personality | Psychology Today

Part 1: The Connection Between Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illness | National Institute on Drug Abuse

Dry Drunk Syndrome: What Is It and Are You Experiencing It? | CCFA

Dry Drunk Syndrome in Alcoholics – Shanti Ranganatha, 1985

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

Brian Carr Update: ‘A long 35 years’: Murder charge laid in Canadian cold case thanks to genetic genealogy

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Episode 303: The Chowchilla school bus hijacking and kidnapping, a notorious case that occurred in 1976, involved the abduction of a school bus carrying 26 children, nineteen girls and seven boys, ages 5 to 14, and their driver, Frank Edward ‘Ed’ Ray, who was 55. It was orchestrated by three young men from affluent families — brothers Richard Schoenfeld, 22, James Schoenfeld, 24, and their friend Frederick Newhall Woods IV, also twenty-four. The crime was motivated by a desire for ransom money and as a cure for their boredom. The kidnappers hid the bus and took its occupants to a buried truck trailer in a quarry in Livermore, California, intending to demand $5 million for their release. Remarkably, led by Ed Ray and Michael Marshall, 14, one of the older children, the victims managed to escape without any ransom being paid. Even though they all made it out alive, the victims suffered psychological scars that changed their lives and persist to the present day.

This was the largest kidnapping in U.S. history, and it has a Canadian connection.

After their hostages escaped, all three kidnappers went into hiding but were eventually apprehended and convicted, although one of the suspects, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, Frederick Woods, fled to Vancouver, British Columbia, before being arrested by the RCMP.


Kidnapped! At Chowchilla — The School Bus Hijacking by Gail Miller and Sandra Thompkins

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Chowchilla bus kidnapping: Rare photos from one of the largest abductions in U.S. history

Chowchilla bus kidnapping survivor’s lifelong fight to keep her captors behind bars

Chowchilla bus kidnapper released from prison

Chowchilla nightmares / 25 years later, kidnap victims still struggling to forget past

Chowchilla bus kidnapping survivor’s lifelong fight to keep her captors behind bars

James Schoenfeld: Chowchilla Bus Kidnapper Paroled Almost 40 Years Later

Chowchilla school bus kidnap victims file lawsuit 40 years after abduction

Children of Chowchilla: a study of psychic trauma – PubMed

The ballad of the Chowchilla bus kidnapping

New Documentary Examines Kidnapping of School Bus Full of Children — and How They Miraculously Escaped

Edward Ray – A Local Hero | Chowchilla, CA

1976 Bus Kidnapping | Chowchilla, CA

Edward Ray Day in Chowchilla

EDWARD… – City of Chowchilla, California (Government)

Kent Morrill – Ballad Of Chowchilla Ray (1976 Bardel Records)

Ballad Of Chowchilla Ray | Robert Goulet

Survivors of Chowchilla kidnapping break silence in new documentary

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Episode 302: On April 25, 1978, RCMP Constable Thomas (Brian) King, a 40-year-old father of three, pulled over a vehicle for a minor traffic offence at 12:35 AM on Highway 11, roughly a quarter mile (400 metres) north of the Saskatoon city boundary. Inside the car were two young men: 18-year-old Darrell Luke Crook and 19-year-old Gregory Michael Fischer. The pair had intentionally disabled the vehicle’s tail light to draw the attention of law enforcement. As the unsuspecting officer was checking Fisher’s driver’s licence, the two men overpowered, disarmed and manacled him with his service handcuffs. 

The pair then forced the officer into their car and drove into Saskatoon, where they showed him off to friends. Afterward, Crook and Fisher drove to a secluded spot near the Saskatchewan River, where they beat and tortured the helpless constable. Then, they executed Brian King with his service revolver, shooting him twice and throwing his body into the river.


A History of Winnipegosis

RCMP Depot Division

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Issues

The Dark Side of the RCMP

Star-Phoenix 25 Apr 1978, page 1

Star-Phoenix 27 Apr 1978, page 3

Star-Phoenix 27 Apr 1978, page 24

The Leader-Post 29 Apr 1978, page 1

Star-Phoenix 01 May 1978, page 3

1979 CanLII 2274 (SK CA) | R. v. Crook | CanLII

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1991 ABCA 148 (CanLII) | R. v. Fischer | CanLII

Faint Hope: Background

Constable Thomas Brian King | Canadian War Memorial

Thomas (Brian) King (1938-1978) | Find a Grave

CBC News – Canada – In the line of duty: Deaths of RCMP officers

CONSTA… – RCMP Quarterly / La Trimestrielle de la GRC

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Episode 301: In episode thirteen of Dark Poutine, we covered the Babes in the Woods case, a tragic and long-unsolved mystery from Vancouver. In 1953, the skeletal remains of two children were discovered in Stanley Park, one of Vancouver’s largest urban parks. What made this case, particularly haunting was that the children were found with a hatchet that appeared to have been used to end their lives. The identities of the two children remained unknown for almost 70 years until, in 2022, using DNA genealogy, the Vancouver Police were able to identify the boys believed to have died sometime in 1947. They were seven-year-old Derek and six-year-old David D’Alton. Their mother, Eileen Bousquet, who died in 1996, told relatives at the time that social services had taken the boys as she was unable to care for them. No one knows for sure what happened leading up to their deaths, and as so much time has passed, it is doubtful we ever will. At least they have their names back.


Stanley Park — City of Vancouver

Murder, Mystery and Intrigue in Review: Babes in the Woods

166: Hate Crime: The Murder of Aaron Webster – Dark Poutine – True Crime & Dark History

Six Officers Plead Guilty To Stanley Park Beatings

2004 BCPC 1 (CanLII) | R. v. Cronmiller | CanLII

Unsolved Stanley Park ‘Babes in the Woods’ case still haunts a city

Interview with Brian Honeybourn

69UMBC — The Doe Network

68UMBC — The Doe Network

VPD hopes genealogical testing can help solve cold case – Vancouver Police Department

VPD identifies child victims in historic cold case murder – Vancouver Police Department

Babes in the Woods: Vancouver police release identities, details about historic murders – VIA

Identities of Stanley Park Babes in the Woods revealed almost 70 years later

Who were the Babes in the Woods?

Eileen Bousquet Archives — evelazarus.com

Cold Case BC by Eve Lazarus

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As this is bonus content related to episode 300, we don’t have the usual show open. There are no loons. There’s no music. There’s no Mathew here for this. This episode is dedicated entirely to Daniel Jordan Levesque‘s memory and features my recent conversation with his mother, Stacey Thur, from her home in Revelstoke. B.C.

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