293: Cold Case Turned Hot: The Murder of Cathy Pozzobon

Episode 293: During the evening of Friday, October 13 and the early hours of October 14, 1978, a group of teens and young adults attended a gathering in a rural area of Maple Ridge, B.C. That night, 16-year-old Catherine Emma Pozzobon went missing from the event. Her partially clothed remains were discovered on the afternoon of October 15, not far from the location of the party. Investigations revealed the presence of seminal fluid in her mouth, throat, and on her clothing, as well as a tuft of human hair grasped in her hand. The case was treated as a homicide by law enforcement, but without adequate evidence to pinpoint a suspect, the inquiry was eventually suspended.

Two decades later, in 1998, the case was reopened with the advancement of DNA profiling as a key tool for forensic investigation. Police tested the DNA profiles of the male party attendees against the evidence found on Cathy’s body, and there was a match. Twenty years after she was murdered, Cathy’s family finally saw justice.


2001 BCSC 597 (CanLII) | R. v. Larsen | CanLII

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