289: Spooktober 4: Fact or Fiction? Jacko the Ape-Boy from Yale, BC

On July 3, 1884, the Daily Colonist newspaper in Canada reported the capture of “Jacko,” described as a human-like creature resembling a gorilla near Yale, British Columbia. Some Bigfoot enthusiasts later cited this story as evidence for Sasquatch’s existence. The tale gained prominence and drew much speculation from only a single story reprinted in numerous newspapers. Jacko’s story has been featured in various books, documentaries and television shows. Other articles from 1884 dismiss the story as a probable hoax, yet some continue to believe he did exist.


The Daily British Colonist, July 3, 1884

The Mainland Guardian, July 9, 1884

The British Columbian, July 12, 1884

Yale & the Strange Story of Jacko the Ape-boy by Christopher L. Murphy and Barry G. Blount

Abominable Snowmen, Legend Come To Life : Ivan T. Sanderson | Internet Archive

Strange Creatures from Time and Space by John A. Keel | Goodreads

Sasquatch in BC: A Chronology of Incidents… by Christopher L. Murphy | Goodreads

Remembering John Green’s indelible footprint

Kilby Historic Site

The Parker Road Phantom | Saltwire


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