278: Murder in Richmond Hill: The Crimes of Grace Marks and James McDermott

Episode 278: In this episode, we plunge into the perplexing saga of Grace Marks and James McDermott. Their story, a blend of mystery and controversy, revolves around the savage murders of wealthy Richmond Hill farmer Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper, Nancy Montgomery, in 1843. This tale continues to ignite debates about guilt, innocence, and the essence of criminality.

We’ll lay out a tangled web of facts and speculations surrounding these infamous figures and their crimes. We journey through Grace’s life, from her hazardous upbringing in Ireland to her immigration to Canada and her involvement in one of the 19th century’s most notorious crimes. We also delve into James McDermott’s role and his complex relationship with Grace Marks, a subject of relentless speculation.


Grace Marks | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Life in the Clearings versus the Bush by Susanna Moodie – Free Ebook

The trials of James McDermott and Grace Marks | Digital Archive | Toronto Public Library

An Historical Enigma: the real Grace Marks and Alias Grace | Anna Mazzola

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Beyond Grace: Criminal Lunatic Women in Victorian Canada

The Trial and Testimony of Grace Marks, Murderess: Gender Performance in a Colonial Courtroom, Upper Canada 1843 by Ashley Banbury

Early Days in Richmond Hill

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