271: Case Updates: Sharron Prior and The Babes in the Woods

Episode 271: In this episode, we’re providing updates on two historical shows that are now recently solved by way of updates to DNA technology and genetic genealogy. In the first half of this episode, we have recent updates to show 130, where we learned of the brutal rape and murder of a Montreal teen, Sharron Prior. We can finally answer the question posed in that episode’s title, “Who Killed Sharron Prior?”

In the second half, we go all the way back to episode 13, “Babes in the Woods – Stanley Park.” In that show, we learned that in 1953 in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, the skeletal remains of two young boys who were murdered around 1947 with a hatchet that was found near their bones. The boys’ identities remained a mystery until 2022, when their names were finally restored.


Sharron Prior

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Babes in the Woods

VPD identifies child victims in historic cold case murder | Vancouver Police Department

Vancouver police share details about Babes in the Woods case | Vancouver Is Awesome

Identities of Stanley Park Babes in the Woods revealed almost 70 years later | Globalnews.ca

Babes in the Woods officially identified, 75 years after their death | Vancouver Sun

Who are the Babes in the Woods found dead in Stanley Park? | Vancouver Is Awesome



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