265: Hollow Man — The Crimes of Mark Twitchell (Part 1)

Episode 265: In October 2008, 38-year-old Johnny Altinger was looking for love online and, thinking he’d found it, was lured to his death in a dingy south Edmonton, Alberta garage. Johnny believed he would meet the girl of his dreams, but a Star Wars and Dexter-Morgan-obsessed serial killer wannabe and 29-year-old amateur filmmaker named Mark Andrew Twitchell awaited him in the garage’s darkness.

NOTE: This is part one of an updated, two-part expanded REDO of an earlier episode with which we thought we could have done better. We plan to update several more historical episodes to provide a better listener experience, more in line with the tone of our show.


2010 ABQB 693 (CanLII) | R. v. Twitchell | CanLII

Edmonton Journal | Mark Twitchell’s First Statement To Police | Scribd

Edmonton Sun | Twitchell Agreed Statement 1 | Scribd

Edmonton Sun | Second Agreed Statement of Facts in Twitchell Case | Scribd

Edmonton Sun | Garage and Evidence Photos

Edmonton Sun | Video Evidence of Garage | YouTube

A Transcript of Police Interview with Mark Twitchell From Oct. 20, 2008 | Scribd

Alleged Diary from Mark Twitchell’s Computer | Scribd

Twitchell DNA Report | Scribd

Live Blog of Twitchell Trial | Scribd 

Edmonton Journal | E-Mail Exchange Between Mark Twitchell & a Facebook Friend | Scribd

Edmonton Journal | Mark Twitchell’s Notice of Appeal | Scribd

Mark Twitchell case: Inside the mind of “The Dexter Killer” – CBS News

Gilles Tetreault | Author | The One Who Got Away

That Taxi Podcast | a podcast by Thomas & Taxi David

Edmonton Journal | Johnny Altinger BIO

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