The Hamilton Torso Murder: How Could You, Mrs. Dick?

Episode 262: In early March of 1946, John Dick, a 39-year-old streetcar conductor in Hamilton, Ontario, disappeared. Weeks later, five local children found John’s torso on the city’s outskirts — his head and limbs were missing. Suspicion soon fell on John’s wife, Evelyn, who was arrested and charged with the murder. The pair had had a whirlwind courtship and had been married only months before John turned up dead. 

During the investigation, police discovered the body of a newborn encased in concrete in Evelyn Dick’s father’s attic. At her trial, evidence emerged of her volatile relationship with her husband, multiple extramarital affairs, and allegations of other criminal activities, including involvement in the alleged murder of her child. Despite her claims of innocence, Evelyn was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Her story was not close to over.


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