Introducing… Driven By Her: Unsung Heroines

The episode you’re about to hear is a sample of the “Driven By Her” series from the Ongoing History of New Music presented by Porsche Canada. On this 5 episode series host Alan Cross explores the amazing contributions some of the most talented women on the planet have made to Modern Music. From Women who made the 90’s rock to guitar heroes to the stories of some of the most talented songwriters and producers on the planet making the biggest hit we all know the words to…​ On the sample you’re about to hear you’ll learn about more than a dozen women that have changed music forever but have been given little to no credit, and Alan wants to fix that as he shines a spotlight on Trixie Smith, Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie and more. You’ll be surprised to find that behind the rock and roll… the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd ALL have women to thank for their contributions to music history.

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