221: Murder on the Isle of Dogs: The Execution of Auguste Neel

Episode 221: On the morning of December 31, 1888, in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, friends found 61-year-old fisherman François Coupard dead in his fishing shack. Someone had brutally slain Coupard and had mutilated his body horribly after his murder. A quick investigation led to two men, Auguste Neel and Louis Ollivier, trying to flee to Newfoundland on a stolen fishing boat. The pair later admitted their roles in the murder and were tried and convicted. Ollivier was sentenced to 10 years at hard labour, while Neel, against whom the evidence was more solid, received a death sentence, which was carried out on August 24, 1889. This execution was the first and last in North America using a guillotine to do the deed.


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