207: Bad Apples: Edwin Alonzo Boyd and his Gang

Episode 207: After World War II, Canada’s economy rose. Work was much easier to come by than during the depression. Even though he’d been able to secure decent employment, family man and world war veteran with movie star good looks, Edwin Alonzo Boyd, was bored. He’d had his share of trouble already and was feeling the itch again. In the fall of 1949, he robbed his first bank. This crime kicked off events that would lead to one of the most infamous Canadian criminal gangs of the era. Over just a few years, The Boyd Gang, named for their charismatic de facto leader, Edwin, robbed numerous banks broke out of one of Canada’s toughest prisons, not once but twice. To some, they were folk heroes. However, public sentiment turned firmly against them after members of the gang, Steve Suchan and Lennie Jackson, murdered Toronto Police Department Sergeant of Detectives Edmund “Eddie” Tong and severely wounded his partner Roy Perry.


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ExecutedToday.com » 1952: Lennie Jackson and Steve Suchan, of the Boyd Gang

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