201: The Tragic Death of Robert Dziekanski

Episode 201: On October 14, 2007, after a gruelling 20-hour journey from Poland, Robert Dziekanski, arrived at the YVR airport’s international terminal in Richmond, B.C. Dziekanski, who spoke nor read any English, was unable to read the signs directing him to what he should do next or where he should go. The confused man spent ten hours in the airport wandering around the secure customs area. His mother was waiting for him with a friend only a few meters away in the public waiting area. Had the two been able to connect this story would have had a very different conclusion, but they did not. She left the airport, frustrated, hours before her son’s final moments.


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Osoyoos First Nation Mountie still trying to clear his name 12 years after the Robert Dziekanski died – APTN News

Mother of Robert Dziekanski dies during visit to Poland | Watch News Videos Online

Blamed and Broken: The Mounties and the Death of Robert Dziekanski eBook : Petrovich, Curt: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store

CBA British Columbia – In Memoriam: Thomas Braidwood

Coroner’s Report

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