Episode 200: The story we are about to tell is a harrowing tale of child neglect that leaves a young boy badly scarred for life. In December of 1990, after being overlooked by his family who were on their way to Paris for a Christmas visit, Kevin McCallister is left on his own in the family’s large Winnetka, Illinois home. There the 7-year-old not only has to care for himself, but has to do his best fend off two serial burglars, a team known as the Wet Bandits, attempting to break into the McCallister residence. Leaving Kevin McCallister with lifelong issues due to the effects of post traumatic stress, and later problems with addiction.


An inaccurate Film Dramatization of Actual Events

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Episode 199: In all the recent photos I could find of Melissa Ann Shepard, she looks like an ordinary, little old lady. But Melissa, Millie to some, has a criminal record a mile long, including convictions for fraud, impersonation and forgery. But, she is best known for, luring men via the internet, drugging them and taking control of all aspects of their lives. Melissa also caused the death of one of her husbands in Nova Scotia, was suspected in another’s death and at least two more men came close to dying.


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Episode 198: If you’ve had any interest in the Wild West, you’ve no doubt heard of a many of the storied gunmen and bandits from the era like Butch Cassidy, Jesse James and Billy the Kid. You probably also think of the United States, but Canada has its own legends and colourful characters from the era on both sides of the border. For example, legendary gunslinger and lawman, Bat Masterson, was was born in Henryville, Quebec. Sometimes the outlaws were women, like one notorious Canadian-born, lady bandit and the subject of this episode, whose most famous alias was Pearl Hart. After a rough life with criminal exploits that started during her troubled childhood, Pearl got herself into big trouble in Arizona in 1899 and was finally taken into custody after robbing a stage coach.


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