197: Without Honour — The Crimes of Russell Williams — Part 2

Episode 197: In our last episode we learned a bit about the life and depraved, early crimes of David Russell Williams, a 46-year-old decorated colonel and commander of the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Trenton, Ontario – one of the largest and busiest air force bases in Canada. The Canadian military’s rising star also had some dark secrets. Williams had been involved in dozens of instances of break, enter and theft of women’s undergarments in the communities in which he lived. The homeowners and police were unaware that many of these crimes had taken place. Many of the women presumed that their underwear had simply gone missing. They had no clue that they had been taken by someone who’s fantasy life had taken a very dark turn. Williams felt powerful in the homes, taking photos as he pleasured himself with the most private possessions of women he didn’t know. Russell would take their underwear home where, sexually aroused once again, he would take photos of himself as he modelled the items recalling his time in the homes of the women. The continued use of the garments thrilled Russell Williams and gave him a feeling of complete control.

In September 2009, Russell’s insatiable cravings for yet another sexual thrill demanded he take things a step further. Williams sexually assaulted two Tweed women, forcibly confining them, fondling them as he snapped multiple photos of the terrified women after removing their clothes. While those events had been exciting for Williams, they were dry runs for what he would do next. In November, 2009, Russell Williams committed his first murder, that of Marie-France Comeau. Month’s later, he killed Jessica Lloyd, but his inattention to the little details, eventually got him caught.


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