195: Death of a Saint: The Murder of Hanna Buxbaum

Episode 195: Hannah Buxbaum was found dead July 5, 1984 on a highway near London, Ontario after having been shot by roadside bandits three times in the head as her husband Helmuth Buxbaum and their young nephew, Roy, in town from Vancouver for a visit watched helplessly. The bandits sped off with Hanna’s purse and police were called. No one could figure out why anyone would want to murder Hanna Buxbaum, who was as close to being a living saint that anyone could find. 

The press initially labelled the case ‘The Good Samaritan Murder’ until the true story unfolded. This story has so many twists and turns and crazy elements. The Buxbaums being millionaire owners of several nursing homes there were huge sums of money, cocaine, sex addiction, sex workers, double crossing, nuclear bunkers filled with tobacco and alcohol, people being dangled by their feet off 14th floor balconies, worries of rocket launcher attacks and courtroom spectacles. No less than a motley crew of 7 people were charged in the killing of the earnest, salt of the earth woman, until, finally, the truth came out.


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The killer I knew | National Post

Helmuth Buxbaum, convicted in 1980s murder, dies in jail | CBC News

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