190: Anything But the Truth: The Murder of Mike Todor

Episode 190: Old Mike Todor’s body was found in his east end Regina home in the spring of 1955. He’d lain there for more than 14 months and had been beaten to death. Someone had killed him, but who? Elizabeth “Tootsie” LaFleche, Mike’s 30-something-year-old wife, who’d been living with a friend for months, was telling a lot of stories about what had become of Mike. None of the tales made a lot of sense. After police found Mike’s body, a number of arrests were made, charges were laid and several trials held, but thanks to Tootsie’s lies, the real facts of the case may never be known.


R. v. Dyck, 1956 CanLII 197 (SK CA), < https://canlii.ca/t/g79xv >

BOOK — Trail of blood: A Canadian Murder Odyssey by Frank Jones

History of the Death Penalty in Canada

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