183: Sins of the Father — The Delorme Affair

Episode 183 – Early on a cold morning on January 7, 1922, two Montreal city Public Works Department employees, on their way to their works shed, discovered the body of a man laying on the frozen ground near the corners of Coolbrook and Snowden Street. The man, who’d been shot was later identified by a Catholic Priest named Adélard Delorme as his half-brother, Raoul Delorme. When police investigated they were surprised that their evidence pointed to one, very unusual suspect. This case would become important, not only for the oddity of its perpetrator and the groundbreaking forensics used to break the case but also for its shocking outcome.


My version of the Delorme case : Farah-Lajoie, Georges

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1868-1996 – The Delorme Affair – Interactive Investigator

L’affaire Delorme — On ne juge pas un prêtre

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L’affaire Delorme 1922: un procès qui souleva les passions – Instantanés

Georges Farah-Lajoie | Mémoires des Montréalais

History of Forensic Science in Canada | Famous Canadian Crimes: The Delorme Affair

Rigorous Science – Canada’s History

Cassock and the Crown: Canada’s Most Controversial Murder Trial – Jean Monet – Google Books

Scribd | For I Have Sinned Online by John Glatt | Books

La soutane et la couronne : le procès du siècle : l’affaire Delorme : Monet, Jean, 1932

Biographie – DEROME, WILFRID (baptisé Joseph-Wilfrid) – Volume XVI (1931-1940) – Dictionnaire biographique du Canada

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