121: Canadian Legends: Demons, a Witch and a Flying Canoe

Episode 121: In this episode we examine 3 different Canadian legends. First we look at Demon Isle a phantom island somewhere in or near the Gulf of St Lawrence. This is where French noblewoman Marguerite de Roberval was marooned by an evil uncle to star in her very own tale of demons, love, loss and survival in New France in the 1500’s.

Then we’re off to Moncton, New Brunswick, one of the most haunted cities in the Maritimes, and the the story of Rebecca’s Grave, the resting place of a supposed witch who was executed, buried upside down and concrete was poured over her tomb.

Finally we hear the story of Chasse-Galerie in, or in English The Flying or Witched Canoe, one of the most famous Québecois folktales.

Isle of Demons
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Rebecca Lutes, The Moncton Witch
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Flying Canoe in Quebec
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