110 – MMIW: The Unsolved Murder of Amber Tuccaro (AB)

Episode 110 – In Nisku, Alberta, on August of 2010 the family of 20-year-old Amber Alyssa Tuccaro became concerned when a phone call with her brother ended abruptly and she she stopped answering texts and calls after that. She’d been hitchhiking into the close by city of Edmonton and was planning to be back soon. She never returned. After a botched police investigation, Amber’s remains were found in 2012 south of where she’d last been seen in Leduc County. Her case remains unsolved despite the RCMP having audio of the possible perpetrator by way of Amber’s last phone call, that had been recorded.

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listen below…
Audio of Amber’s Final Cell Phone Call


TUCCARO: denotes Amber TUCCARO
U/M: denotes unknown male

TUCCARO: Where are we by?
U/M: We’re just heading south of uh Beaumont – or north of Beaumont.
TUCCARO: We’re heading north of Beaumont… Yo where are we going?
U/M: Just,
TUCCARO: No this isn’t…
U/M: …we’re taking the back road.
TUCCARO: Are you fucking kidding me?
U/M: No I’m not,
TUCCARO: You better not take- you better not be taking me anywhere I don’t wanna go. I wanna go into the city… hey,
U/M: To one end of the city.
TUCCARO: Yo we’re not going in the city are we?
U/M: We are, we’re going…
TUCCARO: No we’re not,
U/M: Yes we’re going to 50th street-
TUCCARO: … then where the fuck are these roads going to?
U/M: To 50th street.
TUCCARO: 50th street. Are you sure?
U/M: Absolutely.
TUCCARO: Yo where are we going?
U/M: 50th street.
TUCCARO: 50th street?
U/M: 50th street.
TUCCARO: East right?
U/M: East.
TUCCARO: The roads over now,
U/M: Yeah gravel.
TUCCARO: Gravel?
(Dial tone)

Isolated audio of unknown male.

Anyone who has information related to Amber’s disappearance is asked to call the Leduc RCMP Detachment at 780-980-7267 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). http://rcmp.gc.ca/ZdL

Paul Tuccaro’s Testimony at the MMIW National Inquiry: