094 – Part 2 – Murder Most Pointless – Lynn Duggan & Patti Ducharme (BC)

Episode 094 – Part 2 of 2: After the murder of Lynn Duggan in her North Vancouver apartment, to escape the heat, prime suspect, an ex-VPD officer, Brock Graham ran away to Campbell River, B.C. He moved in with mother of four Patti Ducharme, in late 1995. All seemed well at first but soon the cracks in Brock’s personality began to show.

In March of 1996, Brock brutally murdered Patti Ducharme after an argument. He ran back to the Lower Mainland where he was apprehended, charged and convicted for Patti’s killing.

Brock continued to refuse to acknowledging that he’d killed Lynn Duggan even while in jail for Patti’s murder with nothing to lose. In 2004, Brad Duggan, Lynn and Cheryl’s brother, had the first of two restorative justice meetings with Brock Graham. This is where the case to solve Lynn’s murder finally takes a turn.

More Cheryl Duggan Interviews – © Dark Poutine 2019
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Photo © Mike Browne

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  1. As always, such a good show Mike and Scott. You guys know how to tell an amazing story and still give such respect for the victims and their families. The addition of Cheryl telling her personal story to Mike, make these two of my favorite episodes.

    Also, Katy Murphy from Hong Kong here! You guys absolutely made my day with your patron shout out but I do want to give a disclaimer that I’m actually originally an American from Texas but have lived & worked in Hong Kong for the last 5+ years! Love y’alls podcast and it’s something I so look forward to every Monday! Don’t stop being beautiful people! 😉

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