95: NCR: The Death of Brian Smith & Life of Jeffrey Arenburg (ON/NS)

Episode 095 – On a summer evening in 1995 sportscaster and former NHL hockey player Brian Smith, 54, was shot by a stranger as he exited the CJOH studios in Ottawa, Ontario after a day’s work. The two me had never met, but the gunman, a man named Jeffrey Arenburg from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia was convinced that the murder of the beloved sportscaster would bring attention to his plight, and perhaps, put a stop to his thoughts being stolen and broadcast by Smith’s TV station. Arenburg, who’d suffered from paranoid delusions for years, and had been in and out of court and hospitals, was found NCR, not criminally responsible, for the murder.

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Stats on verdicts of not criminally responsible in Canada
The Legacy of a Story: Double-Narrative of Jeffrey Arenburg and Brian Smith
Bill 68 2000 in memory of Brian Smith
Not Criminally Responsible Reform Act 2014
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Jeffrey Arenburg, killer of sportscaster Brian Smith, dead of heart attack
Brian’s Law ruled constitutional

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