88: Away Game: Burke and Hare – The Anatomy Murderers

Episode 088 – Over a ten month period, starting in late 1827, a pair of Irish born serial killers William Burke and William Hare killed 16 people, for fun and for profit in Edinburgh, Scotland. The corpses of their victims, twelve women, three men and one child, were taken to Surgeon’s Square and sold off to anatomist Dr. Robert Knox, for use in his anatomy classes.

The Anatomy Murders by Lisa Rosner
Dr. Heinrich Von Staden’s The Discovery of the Body
Sanjib Kumar Ghosh’s Human Cadaveric Dissection
The Diary of a Resurrectionist – 1811-1812 by James Blake Bailey on Gutennburg.org
Mental Floss: The Era of the Body Snatchers
Mortsafes – The Vintage News
Burke and Hare: Serial Killing for Science (Ghastly Tales of Scotland) | Documentary
Broadside regarding the Burke and Hare trials
The History of Burke and Hare – 1884 by George MacGregor

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