85: Date with Death – The Murder of James Shannon (BC)

episode 085 – The day before Valentines Day in 2008, James Shannon, a nurse from Port Alberni, BC, met up with another man he’d met on the web site, Plenty of Fish. Although James was looking for love, the man he brought into his home brought something much more sinister. Days later, after not showing up for multiple shifts at work, James Shannon was found brutally murdered in his home. The man who committed the act, Kim Winslow Rothgordt, was claiming he’d been raped and was too intoxicated at the time to know what happened. The truth was nowhere near his claims.

Photo credit: Phil Smith on Flickr per CC licence

R. v. Rothgordt, 2014 BCSC 1215 (CanLII)
Port Alberni on Wikipedia
MacLeans Magazine – Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2018
Port Alberni ‘a safe place to be’ despite crime rate, says RCMP
Thunder Bay Podcast – CANADALAND
B.C. man convicted in second-degree murder of nurse in 2008 gets new trial
Gay Panic Defense on Wikipedia
BC judge says gay panic defence no longer valid

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