84: Emanuel Jaques – The Shoeshine Boy Murder (ON)

Episode 084 – July 28, 1977 was a hot summer day on the corner of Yonge and Dundas streets in what was then Toronto’s seedier area. Three boys were shining shoes of passersby for change. After a day of work with little profit a tall, friendly stranger arrived with two pairs of shoes he needed shined. Claiming he had more lucrative work elsewhere he lured one to the younger boys, 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques, away. Emanuel was never seen alive again and the horrifying circumstances around his death divided the city.

Book – OUTRAGED, by Robert J Hoshowsky
Wikipedia – Emanuel Jaques
Global News – 40 years Later
Court Case – R. v. Woods, 1980 CanLII 2928 (ON CA)
Court Case – Regina v. Betesh, 1975 CanLII 1451 (ON CJ)
Facts about child molestation

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