082 – Domestic Horror – The Murder of Donna Jones (ON)

Episode 082 – On the morning of December 6, 2009, Ottawa paramedics and police responded to what sounded like a frantic 911 call placed by a man at a residence in the Bayshore area. The man was screaming that his wife was not breathing. Upon arriving they found the owner of the home, 33-year-old Donna Jones, deceased on a makeshift mattress on the basement floor. Donna’s injuries and her time of death did not match the story that her husband Mark Peter Hutt was telling. Investigators would uncover a brutal history of abuse and torture ultimately leading to a heinous murder.

WARNING: This podcast includes graphic descriptions of violent domestic abuse and murder.

R. v. Hutt, 2013 ONSC 2267 (CanLII)
CBC – Mark Peter Hutt police interview
Canada.com – Trial Coverage
Canada.com – More Trial Coverage
Psychology Today – How the brain works against abuse victims
Ottawa Citizen – Articles by Chloe Fedio and Andrew Seymour

Domestic Abuse Resources in Canada:
Canada’s Department of Justice
Canada’s Treatment Programs for Men Who Abuse Their Partners

4 thoughts on “082 – Domestic Horror – The Murder of Donna Jones (ON)

  1. Amazing episode. The compassion it was narrated with was eclipsed only by the brave and raw admission of Mike’s own history of abusive behavior. Mike and Scott, you rock. Keep up the good work. Claire from Canberra, Australia.

  2. Wonderful show guys. I sat through the Trial and I can tell you the pictures still haunt me today. I can also tell you he WAS the same monster he did not shed one tear throughout the trial and displayed no emotion. When he was sentenced the Courtroom erupted in cheers. Many of the Jurors had also returned for the sentencing.

    Donna’s co-workers were equally traumatized and felt helpless to help her. However, they had contacted the Police and were preparing to have another intervention with the Police when she returned to work. Sadly, they never had the chance as she died prior to returning to work. A very terrible and sad case.

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