074 – The Julie Stanton Story (ON)

Episode 074 – In April of 1990, 14-year-old Julie Ann Stanton disappeared near her Pickering, Ontario home. Right away investigators suspected, Peter John Stark, a neighbour and father of Julie’s best, in Julie’s disappearance. After 4 years, the police and Crown finally had enough to go arrest Stark, who turned out to be a serial predator with a very dark past.

NOTE: This week’s guest host, Johanna Hemenway, went to the same high school and was in the same grade as Julie Stanton. She and some of her friends provided more insight around their experience with the crime and memories of the victim for the episode.

R. v. Stark, 2000 CanLII 3503 (ON CA)
CBC The Detectives – Project Hitchhiker
York Police Cold Cases – Marie Woods
CP24 – Killer dies in prison

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  1. The affirmations in the computer voice Johanna!
    Made my day! Thank you
    I recently started listening to your podcast and have basically bing heard all the episodes in the last 2 week. I really like the way you compose the narrative.

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