67: The Falcon Lake UFO Incident (MB)

Episode 067 – In May of 1967 an RCMP constable on patrol near Falcon Lake, Manitoba was flagged down by a wild eyed man with a fantastic story to tell. The man, Stefan Michalak, a 51-year-old amateur geologist had been prospecting deep in the brush when he claimed he had a close encounter with two UFOs. After this initial report the events near Falcon Lake became one of the most investigated UFO events in Canadian history.

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Creepy Canada – UFO 1967, Falcon Lake, Manitoba incident
Falcon Lake incident is Canada’s ‘best-documented UFO case,’ even 50 years later
More than 2,000 UFO sightings reported in Manitoba over 200 years
Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack – Season 5, Episode 8 – Full Episode
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Pentagon reveals secret UFO program

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