069 – Roch Theriault and the Ant Hill Kids (ON)

Episode 069 – On August 14, 1989 an emaciated woman favouring the stump of a recently severed arm emerged from the woods near the tiny town of Burnt River, Ontario. She was known to police as a member of the Ant Hill Gang, a religious cult, run by the charismatic and enigmatic Roch Theriault, who’d changed his name to Moses. As the woman’s story came out, so did other tales of violence, sexual abuse, torture and murder at the hands of Roch and others in the group who were doing his bidding.

Note: There are extremely graphic depictions of violence in this episode that may be disturbing to some listeners.

Disclaimer by: Tyler Allen of The Minds of Madness Podcast

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1 thought on “069 – Roch Theriault and the Ant Hill Kids (ON)

  1. Hi guys! Love the podcast.
    About the Roch Thériault episode; I was wondering if either of you saw the movie made about this story? It’s called Savage Messiah (like the book you refered to).
    Being for Québec, growing up I’ve heard of this story and I later saw the movie on TV.
    I know that Gabrielle Lavallée wrote a book about her ordeal called ” L’alliance de la brebis”.
    His sons also wrote a book and went on TV. I’m sending you a link (the interview is in French ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js3Td-UXU90

    Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work

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