64: The Cottage Killer – David Snow (ON & BC)

Episode 064 – In April of 1992 Ian and Nancy Blackburn did not show for a family get together near their recreational property in Caledon, Ontario. The couple were found murdered and stuffed into the trunk of Nancy’s car outside their home in Toronto. The number one suspect, had allegedly been breaking into properties in the Caledon area throughout the winter and his aberrant behaviour had been escalating toward the dangerous and bizarre.

Although identified as, David Alexander Snow, 37, an eccentric antiques dealer in Orangeville near Caledon, he eluded police. In Vancouver, BC, where he’d fled, Snow went on a two week crime spree of kidnapping, rape, robbery and violence, before being apprehended by North Vancouver RCMP on July 12, 1992.

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Research Assistance: Rebecca McNall


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