063 – Mass Murderer: Dale Merle Nelson (BC)

Episode 063 – In the wee hours of September 5, 1970, after a binge of alcohol and possibly LSD, Dale Merle Nelson, 33, a logger and father of three snapped. In the matter of just over an hour he’d murdered 7 residents, including 4 children, of tiny Creston B.C. He had then absconded with another child into the local wilderness. That child, 8-year-old Cathy St. Amand, would also be found butchered where Nelson stated he’d left her, prior to his capture just a day after the massacre; one of the worst in Canadian history.

Dale Merle Nelson at murderpedia
Dale Merle Nelson at Wikipedia
The Limits of Sanity by Larry Still – Book
Various articles at newspapers.com
Dale Merle Nelson manhunt photos by John Denniston

Update for episode 60: Thank you to physicist Dr.Camilla Moir for her hypothesis on what Granger Taylor may have been attempting the night he died. Link 1 & Link 2

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1 thought on “063 – Mass Murderer: Dale Merle Nelson (BC)

  1. I found this interesting, horrific, at least the presentation funny. Not funny ha ha but funny that people think Creston has a “shopping district” I grew up near creston partied there as a teen more times than I care to count. Ive been here in the Kootenays 40 some odd years and it was not until a few days ago I heard about this. no one and I mean absolutely no one speaks of this.. Creston has one main street and its the highway going through town with a pub at each end that are probably still exactly the same as they were back then. Erickson is about 10 minutes out on the highway and is RURAL its a highway that dead ends at the longest free ferry ride in BC maybe canada. but that’s 45 minutes away on a really curvy two lane highway that snakes along the kootenay lake out there your on your own houses a ways apart no lights no real stores etc. and in the 70’s it was way more rural.

    the towns so small usually only a handful of RCMP backup is a couple few hours away from cranbrook possibly Nelson. its seriously a small BC mountain town known for its polygamy sect and the kokanee brewery just across the boarder from PortHill Idaho

    Its seriously astounds me that Id never heard about this tragedy I’ve drinken in those bars been to those stores probably even been to the houses or at least close. The family names are even familiar . On the creston ferry road there’s also a local tourist attraction that was built by a mortician that lived in the area ya so what right? well its called the glass house and its completely built out of glass embalming bottles and mortar like a brick house hows that for a weird ass connection.

    what a twisted little area I live in lol

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