061 – The Crimes of Michael Wayne McGray (BC, ON, NS & NB)

Episode 061 – In the spring of 1985, 17-year-old Elizabeth Gail Tucker went missing when hitchhiking from Dartmouth to Southwestern, Nova Scotia. Tucker was the first of many murder victims, from a very diverse pool, of one of Canada’s coldest and most outspoken serial killers, Michael Wayne McGray. McGray was convicted of 7 murders, one of which happened after years in custody. McGray remorselessly admits to as many as 10 more murders and claims, given the chance, he would do it again and again.

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  1. Bonjour Dark Poutine Gentlemen!

    A couple of comments:
    — Nun’s Island is indeed a posh area of Montréal.
    — Montréal’s Gay Village (known as the « Village ») is a nice festive neighbourhood consisting mainly of Ste Catherine street east. It consists of a few blocks of restaurants, cafés, bars,… It is now an important part of Montréal’s tourism attraction.
    — … but was a much dodgier area when McGray visited and selected his two murders victims.
    — St André street is in the Village.

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