059 – Show Primer, Canadian Myths and Listener Q & A

Episode 059 – In a bit of a palate cleansing episode after two of our most brutal, Mike and Scott bring listeners up to speed with a show primer, answering burning questions like, “What is a toque?” and “What’s in a Nanaimo bar?”. We spend some time debunking myths about Canada and then take on listener questions via write in and phone.

Favourite Canadian Horror Movies: The Fly and The Changeling
Favourite Non-True Crime Podcasts we like:
Gilbert Gottfried,
Joe Rogan,
Official Nanaimo Bar Recipe
Minds of Madness Podcast

1 thought on “059 – Show Primer, Canadian Myths and Listener Q & A

  1. Hello Mike and Scott, I enjoyed your Q and A. However…I happily use bags of milk daily, and have since they first came out many years ago. I believe they are easier on the environment (I hope) than the hard plastic jugs – just a little recyclable soft plastic. So, in the worst language I can muster: Go blank in your blank!
    As for the rest of your Dark Poutine, I am loving every morsel.
    Carol from Bobcaygeon, Ontario

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