58: The Beast of BC – Part 2: Four More Murders & Aftermath (BC)

Episode 058 – The murders of 7 children had taken place between November 1980 and mid July of 1981. Although evidence had yet to be uncovered, police began to look at one suspect intensely. His name was Clifford Robert Olson Jr. Although surveillance was supposed to be in place, Olson managed to murder 4 more children in the Lower Mainland over the span of just 7 days.

After captured Olson made a ‘cash for bodies’ deal with police, which became one of the most discussed deals with a criminal in Canadian history. Even after conviction, Olson’s behaviour continued to hurt others, especially the families of the victims.

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Book: Where Shadows Linger
Book: Final Payoff by Ian Mulgrew
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Book: Clifford Olson: The Beast of British Columbia by Elizabeth Broderick
Poem written and narrated by David Thorvold Olson – Postcards from Gravelly Beach

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