055 – Where is Michael Dunahee?

Epsiode 055 – In Victoria BC, on March 24, 1991, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee were worried when their four year old son Michael Wayne Dunahee went missing without a trace from a playground in broad daylight. The Dunahee’s were metres away and away for mere minutes when MIchael disappeared. He has not been seen since. For the last 28 years the Dunahee family, with the help of Victoria PD, continues to do what they can to keep hope alive, in what has become one of the most well known missing person cases in Canadian history.

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3 thoughts on “055 – Where is Michael Dunahee?

  1. I was slightly puzzled by one comment regarding getting into a car, to make sure you know who the person is. I disagree with this, I taught my kids never to ever get in a car or go anywhere. We played the what if game. Including what if uncle came by and said come for a ride, or what if pastor came and wanted to take you for ice cream. The answer they learned is come and talk to me first. For even the most trusted people in our lives. As well as usual rules about strangers, however if my kids were ever in trouble, it may be a stranger they need to turn to, so I taught them to use their own instincts and intuition.

  2. Just finished listening to the Bear Brook series and I wonder if Michael’s parents have put their DNA into a database in case Michael one day puts his in and finds he has a match. My adult brother went missing the same year as Michael and I can only imagine what his family went through. We found out 9 years later that my brother had died. We always wondered what happened to him. It is all heartbreaking.

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