47: The Legend of Slumach and his Lost Gold Mine (BC)

Episode 047 – In 1890 an enigmatic character and member of the Katezie indigenous tribe, Slumach, was charged and convicted of the murder of a man named Louie Bee. It was believed that Slumach may have been protecting a massive gold find near Pitt Lake outside of Maple Ridge, BC. After Slumach was hanged for his crime. The legend of his unclaimed gold grew. For over a century many have tried and failed to find Slumach’s cursed treasure. A few have died trying.

Sources: Slumach.ca Slumach’s Curse (video) Curse of the Lost Gold Mine – 1994 (video) Lost Mines Found – questionable  (video) About Sturgeon Pitt Lake’s Lost Gold Mine B25 Bomber story and photos Supposed coordinates of bomber

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