043 – The Mysterious Death of Cindy James

Episode 043 – After over 6 years of apparent harassment and a number of, what appeared to be violent assaults, Cindy James, a 44-year old nurse, went missing in May of 1989. On June 8, 1989, two weeks later, Cindy’s family’s greatest fears were realized. She was found dead near an abandoned home in Richmond B.C., a suburb of Vancouver. She appeared to have been drugged and strangled, with her hands and feet tied behind her back. A medical inquest into the cause of Cindy’s death was inconclusive, leaving this one of the most talked about unsolved cases in Canadian history.


https://youtu.be/ljymSSBqflU Inquest Reporting
https://youtu.be/sbrAggQE2EA More reporting with Cindy Audio Father Audio, Ozzie Kaban

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  1. I was very confused when Scott said he drove past King Edward Secondary many times … that school burned down in the 70s. Only a stone wall remains on the now site of VGH.

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