042 – Houdini: Magical Life and Mysterious Death

Episode 042 – The man the world came to know as Harry Houdini, stunt performer, illusionist, magician was obsessed with magic and illusion from an early age. That obsession and drive to be better led him to become the most famous person ever to have practiced the magical arts.

There was a darker thing driving Harry too. He wanted to prove the existence of an after life. This not only led him to years of heartache after the deaths of his parents. Harry made many enemies of would be spiritualists as he debunked them.

Some say this is what led to the events in a Montreal dressing room that eventually caused the Great Houdini’s demise.

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Writer / Creator, Researcher, Editor & Host: Mike Browne
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2 thoughts on “042 – Houdini: Magical Life and Mysterious Death

  1. I love your podcast BUT I am not a fan of this podcast. Please consider staying within the Canadian crime genre.
    Thank you for the opportunity for me to express my opinion.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jennifer. We won’t be limiting ourselves that way. Many of our fans have given us very positive feedback about this episode and our other, more history based episodes. It’s okay to skip the ones you don’t like.
      Kristi Lee’s Canadian True Crime sticks to true crime, so if you’re in need of a fix when we go walkabout, her show is excellent.

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