041 – The Murders of Nathan O’Brien and Kathy and Alvin Liknes

Episode 041 – In 2014 on a warm summer morning, Calgary mother, Jennifer O’Brien, went to pick up her 5-year-old son, Nathan, from his grandparents’. When she walked in the bloody scene she found, shocked even the most seasoned Calgary Police Service members.

Kathy and Alvin Liknes and their grandson were nowhere to be found. A suspect was quickly identified, Douglas Garland, of Airdrie, Alberta. The trio was never seen alive again, nor were their bodies recovered. Polce were certain they had been murdered.

The mountain of evidence linking Garland to the crime, however, revealed a conniving mind, seething with resentment. Garland, after being shutout of a partnership in a product that went nowhere, had been planning murder for years.

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  1. I can’t even listen to or read anymore about this horrific crime, but I might take on listening to your podcast soon. I live in southern Alberta so our news was full of this story for a long time 🙁

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