039 – The Crash of SwissAir 111

Episode 039 – On September 2, 1998 one of the worst air disasters in Canada’s history took place when SwissAir flight 111 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean just off Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. Although local fisherman and authorities responded quickly, it was already too late. All 229 souls were lost during the tremendous impact. Once again, Nova Scotians showed their compassion and willingness to lend a hand when needed in their response to the disaster.

Time SR111 checked in with Moncton, 0:58:18Z
Time of the PAN call, 01:14:18
Time out of FL254 (for FL250), 01:18:34
Time at 30nm to 06 at YHZ (still at FL250), 01:19:53
Time of autopilot disconnect, 01:24:38
Time that emergency is declared, 01:24:56
Time of last transmission, 01:25:49
Time of impact, 01:31