9: Acid Al and Hollywood Hospital (BC)

This is a weird one. I’m not sorry. We needed a break from the murder.

In Episode 009, we ask you to take a trip with us to Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster, BC, to meet Acid Al Hubbard the Johnny Appleseed of LSD who turned on Timothy Leary and facilitated psychedelic experiences for everyone, from philosophers and religious leaders, every day folks who were struglling in their lives, to musicians and actors. Cary Grant had many experiences with Acid Al.

The Walrus was Paul. Goo goo ga joob.

More crime next time.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode of Dark Poutine is not for everyone. Our content in this episode contains mature themes, colourful language and depictions of drug use, listener discretion is strongly advised.

Big thank you to Ood of Occultae Veritatis, another Canadian podcast from Saskatchewan for the intro to this episode. Thank you to Ashley & Courtney from the Cult of Domesticity podcast for providing us the promo we used before our trippy outro music.

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