10: Mike Met a Monster in 1981 (NS)

Episode 010 has been a tough one for us to get out. This is Mike’s personal story of what happened to him one summer night in 1981 and how one event effected him to this day. He hopes that in the telling of his story, others will feel safe enough to share their own and unburden themseleves of a secret. Thanks to Jami from the MURDERISH podcast for this week’s intro. Jami’s recent episode, A Stranger in my Bedroom, helped us get over the hump to telling this story.

As well we wish to thank Jim Clemente, former prosecutor, FBI profiler and consultant on the TV show Criminal Minds as well as his podcasts, Best Case, Worst Case and Real Crime Profile, for bravely sharing his own story of sexual assault at the hands of a grown up when he was a boy.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault, please seek help, call the police, talk to your doctor, trusted family members and friends.

Organizations like 1in6 are there to help male vitims of sexual assault and sexual abuse. You are not alone. Another useful link is  RAINN Some links for victims of crime in Canada: https://crcvc.ca/links/ 

CONTENT WARNING: Dark Poutine is not for the faint of heart or squeamish. Our content contains mature themes, coarse language and may include graphic descriptions of violent crimes. Listener discretion is strongly advised.

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