Dark Poutine Studio v1.0

Here’s a photo I took of my  studio building progress so far:

Dark Poutine Studio v1.0
This is Dark Poutine Studio v1.0. Small but mighty and definitely a work in progress.

I’ve been working hard on getting things ready to go. Not the least of which is writing and researching podcast episodes. I’m actually a bit surprised by the learning curve and work that goes into getting a podcast off the ground. Pretty rewarding thus far. Everything seems to be falling into place.

As I’m starting, pretty much from scratch I’ve made some good headway. I have version 1.0 of this website ready to begin posting. I do have to create the “about”, “store” and “contact’ pages. Still lots to do on the site. Also, I’ve been working on the Dark Poutine social media pages facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr all ready for bookmarks and followers.

As far as audio equipment goes I’ve been gathering things for quite some time. In fact I had more quality gear than I realized. I have a Yeti Blue USB microphone, a Novation Launchkey Mini, a Zoom H4N Pro Multitrack Digital recorder, a mini tripod that holds Zoom H4N, a Macbook Pro (13-inc, Mid 2012), a pair of Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear Headphones, two Boya By-M1 Lavalier Microphones, some other odds & ends and a ton of great software. I think I’ll go with Adobe Audition CS6 as my DAW (digital audio workstation) software it’s robust and professional. I am lucky enough to have a licensed copy as well, so no bad karma.

So far, so good. I’m hoping to have the introductory episode of the podcast ready for consumption at the end of April as well as a mixing board, two high end microphones and some acoustic foam on the walls.

Progress is a good thing.